Liaison Technologies partners with Tierion to integrate blockchain into data platform

Liaison Technologies, a leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, today announced a partnership with Tierion, a company that facilitates connection to a secure public blockchain.  Together with Tierion, Liaison will extend the capabilities of its ALLOY Platform to offer enterprises undergoing a digital transformation the industry’s first and most comprehensive solution for integrating and managing their data while more seamlessly accessing the added data security and validation of the blockchain.

Leveraging blockchain infrastructure to prove the existence and accuracy of data, transactions, and processes is an increasingly popular option for organizations that must meet stringent data security regulations.  It is attractive for enterprises that must maintain the confidence of their customers and constituents in the vital confidential data being handled.  This includes healthcare organizations, financial services firms and companies with valuable intellectual property.

“At Liaison, we understand that enterprises are seeking to accelerate innovation and digitally transform their businesses,” said Bob Renner, Chief Executive Officer of Liaison Technologies.  “For many, this requires new technology to integrate, harmonize and securely share data in new ways. It also requires meeting more rigorous guarantees of data quality and integrity to do so.  We are excited to partner with Tierion to expand the already extensive data integration, management and compliance capabilities of our next-generation Liaison ALLOY Platform to include practical deployment options for blockchain technology to verify and share data, files, business processes and more.”

Future plans envisioned by Liaison include enablement of smart contracts and digital currency transactions, and providing capabilities for ALLOY users to create custom, private blockchains in support of specific digital ecosystems as they innovate and expose more of their blockchain verified data more widely for new business opportunities through the ALLOY Platform.

The Liaison ALLOY Platform is the first solution to enable users to integrate and manage increasing amounts and types of data securely from multiple sources via a single platform and to easily scale through an advanced microservices architecture. With Tierion’s technology, ALLOY users will also be able to seamlessly leverage the blockchain to issue proof of virtually any type of event or transaction in any quantity, including purchases, stock trades, contract signatures and insurance claims.  As their enterprises grow and transform, ALLOY blockchain users will be able to establish immutable, tamper-proof records and cryptographically verifiable audit trails for all of their documentation, including medical, financial, corporate governance, logistics, legal, and inventory management records.

“Blockchain technology is changing the way organizations of all types secure, store and share data,” said Wayne Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer of Tierion.  “Partnering with Liaison is a natural fit. Liaison’s ALLOY Platform provides the solution enterprises need to integrate and manage their data, and Tierion’s proof engine provides confidence in the use of that data.”

Liaison’s ALLOY Platform meets or exceeds the highest standards for data security and privacy as defined by multiple regulatory agencies and frameworks, easing the burden of compliance for enterprises as they pursue digital transformation. By partnering with Tierion to explore pragmatic blockchain solutions for enterprises and identifying new ways to apply the benefits of an innovative trust engine, Liaison is continuing to provide enterprises with a comprehensive, future-proof platform for changing integration and data management needs.

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