Digix begins registration for launch of DGX 2.0

Digital Global, the physical asset tokenization company today finally began whitelisting for DGX 2.0 token marketplace purchases as registration officially opened. Users will have to register for accounts in order to purchase DGX 2.0 off the marketplace. Note that users are only able to register for an account and submit information for the KYC check at this point. DGX will be live for purchase starting from April 8th, 2018.

DGX gold tokens, are a gold-standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem. Each token represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold and secured in Safehouse vaults.

Note for US, Chinese and Japanese citizens, Digix Global is unable to make DGX available for users of these citizenships. The Singapore based Digix Global said they were legally advised to proceed with regulatory and business caution amidst the uncertainty in these jurisdictions, the team said, “while we await further regulatory clarity in these markets, we will continue to allow DGX to be made available for purchase by other users from other markets. We will explore options to engage these markets when there is legal clarity from these regions. We remain with the vision of allowing global public access to DGX as soon as possible.”

Digix is currently allowing users to purchase up to 10 DGX per day via ETH after KYC approval. For corporate buyers or those looking to do large volume purchases of DGX, or those who wish to explore possible integrations of DGX tokens within their platform, the Digix team says to contact them separately.

For early existing owners of DGX 1.0, the Digix team will be swapping them for DGX 2.0 tokens on April 8th as well. Existing owners of DGX 1.0 will receive DGX 2.0 into the same wallets which they have stored DGX 1.0.

DGX 1.0 has been last moved on block number 4369452 which was approximately 160 days ago, as such, the Digix team says that the snapshot block has already been set to send DGX 2.0 to any DGX 1.0 holders. Users are warned to not move their DGX 1.0 until they have received DGX 2.0 on April 8th.

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