Jelurida building user interfaces that brings blockchain closer to the people

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies move towards mainstream adoption, there must be implementations that will bridge the knowledge gap between the internal technicalities of the technology and its application to real use cases.

Every new technology that is meant for public implementation starts out as a complicated system. However, these must find appropriate adaptation in order to become very useful to the intended audience. This development implores user interfaces as some of the most vital aspects of technological advancements.

The role of User Interfaces

In general terms of information technology, the user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a person may interact. It is also the way through which a user interacts with an application or a website. In terms of blockchain technology, this appears to be one crucial necessity as interest towards the technology is growing and companies are beginning to adopt and implement the technology.

The blockchain is seen as a very crucial technology that will disrupt the way most processes are executed. One of the important aspects that generate a lot of interest is its ability to eliminate intermediaries and increase the amount of trust when it comes to transacting value. In its current state, it is difficult to understand and use. Its current state can be likened to the backend TCP/IP and HTTP internet protocols. Most people who use the internet do not even know what those protocols mean or stand for. We need to get to that point in blockchain technology where users can implement without needing to understand the backend technicalities involved. 

Blockchain for blockchains

At the forefront towards achieving this possibility is Jelurida, a blockchain development company. Jelurida does not just build blockchain platforms, but functions as a blockchain of blockchains with its multiple products in the form of Nxt, Ardor, and Ignis. These products provide the modular toolset for any developer to build whatever kind of product imaginable on the blockchain.

Using Jelurida’s platforms, companies can quickly and easily join the Blockchain revolution and develop decentralized applications which enable 3rd parties to cooperate without trusting each other. These blockchain platforms are ready to be adopted and enable customers to cooperate, promote unique value propositions, and create new business tackling real market opportunities.

These platforms make it a lot easier and cost-effective for companies who want to get into the blockchain ecosystem. Also in making ICOs and collect funds directly in pegged tokens to EUR, BTC, USD, or whatever currencies that they desire. The fact that these platforms are built in Java goes ahead to make them easier to use and implement. Therefore, companies do not need to learn solidity or other blockchain languages.

Taking blockchain to the common man

Apparently, the platforms created by Jelurida are functioning as User Interfaces as described earlier. They may not represent regular APIs that can be employed by the common man, rather they provide the total environment for intermediate developers to create such APIs. Hence the can be referred to as second-degree User Interfaces.

No matter the beauty of blockchain technology and the benefits that it promises, until it becomes applicable to the common man, its potential will remain untapped. Therefore the relevance of intermediate protocols that bring it closer to adoption and mainstream implementation cannot be overlooked.

Having been described as the year of expectation for blockchain technology, 2018 is already seeing a lot of innovations and ICOs rising from different angles. Platforms like Nxt and Ardor will definitely play significant roles that will illuminate the team efforts of everyone involved in Jelurida.

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