Vishal Karir joins Ethos as Chief Investment Officer from BlackRock

Ethos, a blockchain platform that seeks to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone today welcomed Vishal Karir as its Chief Investment Officer. He is backed by over 17 years of investment and technology experience at Morgan Stanley and most recently BlackRock, where he had $1.5 billion in assets under his management.

Vishal will lead Ethos’ efforts to bring innovative portfolios for the crypto asset class to the masses, as well as lead the development of Ethos’ hybrid investing solutions, helping Ethos continue bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance.

“The paradigms of finance and investing are shifting in favor of individual investors and entrepreneurs – I am thrilled I have a part in expediting the shift,” said Karir of his decision to make the move from BlackRock to Ethos.

Ethos’ mission is to build a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody. The Ethos Universal Wallet allows users to safely and securely store, send and receive a broad range of digital currencies on their mobile device with the same level of sophisticated security often reserved for expensive hardware wallets – available soon as a free app download this Spring. It also gives users the ability to track assets stored elsewhere, giving users a complete digital portfolio management experience in one app, and a host of other features designed to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and foster mass adoption.

While the Universal Wallet is the first step in its mission, Ethos is already hard at work on its project Fiat Gateway – a hybridized investment solution that will make investing in both cryptocurrencies and traditional assets seamless and accessible, integrated with Universal Wallet which empowers the user with full custody and control of their digital assets.

“With the entrance of Vishal, Ethos and eventually our Fiat Gateway project is uniquely positioned within the industry to bring the sophisticated investment tools of the traditional economy to a new digital asset class,” said Ethos CEO, Shingo Lavine.

“Today Ethos takes a giant leap forward with the addition of Vishal to the Ethos Family. Vishal’s wealth and breadth of investment knowledge will enable Ethos to deliver institutional quality investment models accessible to all individuals, that up until now, were only accessible by a select few,” added Ethos’ Chief Global Strategist, Stephen Corliss.