India’s Unocoin exchange to award makers 0.3% in BTC of each trade

Unocoin bitcoin exchange India

Popular India-based bitcoin exchange has announced that for every trade on Unocoin Exchange, market makers can now earn 0.3% of the trade value in bitcoin. This is only applicable for makers (who brings liquidity to the order book). Unocoin originally offered fees of 0.4% to makers and 0.6% to takers on the launch of its exchange and is now bringing the maker bonus back.

Unocoin is turning the tables in favor of the makers providing a 0.3% as the bonus on their transactions. The taker fee will continue to remain the same — at just 0.6% of the order value.

In the context of Alice & Bob — here’s how the new structure would work out:

Last month, Unocoin updated its app to a multi crypto asset exchange (with an open order book), which supports 6 coins — including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.