Dcntral and SmartMesh partner to deliver cyber secure Mesh Networks

Dcntral.ai, a Boulder, Colorado software provider offering a blockchain and AI-based cyber secure transactive platform for edge computing environments, announced today that it has established a partnership with the SmartMesh Foundation, which has created a next-generation Internet protocol enabling smart mesh networking solutions. Dcntral is founded by David A. Cohen, a pioneer in decentralized software platforms with co-founder and internet protocol pioneer James Barry.

Dcntral’s platform will be integrated into SmartMesh’s MeshBox platform, which enables the cyber secure exchange of value and automated transactions for Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The SmartMesh protocol and MeshBox technology enable smart devices to connect to each other without internet or telecom services through self-organizing Mesh networks. This will allow users to connect to P2P networks with their smartphones.

The Dcntral solution is deployed using a unique combination of patent-pending next-generation cybersecurity features that it calls entry-to-endpoint security which includes enhanced scalable blockchains; software-defined security; and artificial intelligence used to deliver smart contracts between machines, humans, devices, and systems within edge computing environments. Our SDKs will be used to provide critical business and operational services within privacy critical, life-critical, and mission-critical environments such as smart cities, smart grids, healthcare, connected vehicles, supply chains, and now Mesh Networks.

“With SmartMesh’s MeshBox technology, we can now truly extend our reach to far edge computing environments in areas without internet service which provides much-needed internet and transaction service to users in remote areas, providing a valuable addition to SmartMesh’s customers,” says David A. Cohen, Founder, and CEO of Dcntral.ai.

“Integrating Dcntral’s platform into SmartMesh Ecosystem will add a secure layer to SmartMesh. This is very important because most transactions will occur off-chain on Mobile Raiden Network Nodes which reside in MeshBoxes in the future. David is currently an adviser for Hashgraph. I am looking forward to working with David on building our ecosystem together in the areas of Mesh Networking, IoT, Edge Computing, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, the Machine Economy and beyond!” added Henry Wang, CEO of SmartMesh.

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