NaviAddress makes partnership with Accum Trillion Capital for Chinese market

NaviAddress, a blockchain ID management project, which provides users with naviaddresses as unified digital IDs for any places or objects in physical and virtual worlds today announced a strategic partnership with Accum Trillion Capital, a management and consulting company for the Blockchain Industrial Investment Fund.

The NaviAddress team says they are confident that Accum Trillion Capital will facilitate the expansion of the NaviAddress platform and services into the Chinese market and assist in identifying local partners.

Accum Trillion Capital has significant influence and local resources in China. It is involved in blockchain technology-related investments and provides a one-stop solution to blockchain projects. Accum Trillion has been an investor in projects QTUM, VEN, GXS, OMG, PAY and several other projects.

Dmitry Moiseev, Co-founder, and CEO of NaviAddress made a statement:

“We are expanding our community and network of partners to Asia. It is highly important for faster development and global adoption of our address platform. We are confident that Accum Trillion Capital will assist Naviaddress to identify business potential and long-term partners in China for further localization and adoption of the platform in mainland China”.

As of February 2018, there are 1.5 million naviaddresses in Naviaddress addressing system, including 1.3 million business naviaddresses, with the total number of registered active Naviaddress app users exceeding 60,000 people (including web, iOS, and Android). Beta version of the platform on the blockchain was released for public testing on March 2, 2018.

NaviAddress is building partnerships with large address holders in delivery, e-retail and HoReCa businesses, such as, DPD, and plan cooperation and integration with State Postal Services, AliExpress, Amazon, NinjaVan, etc. to share verified addresses with the platform.

With over 55% of NaviTokens sold so far, and aim to raise $20 million in total during their ICO, NaviAddress believes there is enough traction to partner with some major players in China in delivery and e-retail, hospitality, transportation and urban planning.

Once the addressing system is deployed on the blockchain, NaviAddress will enable 4 billion people in the world living without addresses to obtain and share digital postal delivery ‘naviaddresses’, verified by a transaction on the blockchain at almost no cost. Usage of naviaddresses will enable local governments to provide more citizens with essential services and create new markets for e-retailers and delivery businesses.

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