TokenSoft tokenization platform now offered in over 50 countries

TokenSoft, a securitized token offering platform for startups, enterprises, funds, and investment banks seeking to tokenize their platform, equity, or company assets now provides support in over 50 countries. TokenSoft’s suite includes a regulatory offering framework, fund collection platform, sale audit, and token distribution service, which culminates in the secure storage of crypto assets.

Upon the initial launch in September 2017, TokenSoft provided support for concurrent Regulation D and Regulation S offerings, enabling securities compliance in 47 countries. Today, the TokenSoft platform TokenSoft’s San Francisco based team of blockchain, security, and fintech experts have developed a platform able to accept an unlimited number of users in a stable, orderly and secure manner. 

In 2017, $6 billion dollars were raised in tokenized offerings. In the first two months of 2018, $2.7 billion have been raised via token sales. The high demand and broad exposure of token offerings present a unique set of security and scalability challenges.

James Poole, CTO and Co-Founder of TokenSoft, states: “We’ve moved billions of dollars and launched security software globally, now we’re here to help companies, funds, and broker-dealers offer tokenized securities with peace of mind.”

TokenSoft’s customers are serial entrepreneurs, successful fund managers, and investment banks who wish to ensure the long-term success of their tokenized assets including, Apex Token Fund, and Finova Financial.

“We’re here to ensure established professionals and the traditional world of finance has a quality on-ramp to the world of tokenized assets,” said Mason Borda, TokenSoft’s CEO and Co-Founder.