CoinIMP makes JavaScript mining through a website user friendly

CoinIMP is a JavaScript Miner to embed in websites, making the visitors mine every time they are browsing its content. The idea, however, is not new and the market has a lot of competitors, so what makes CoinImp different to the rest, “our efficiency and the 1% fee are only two of its perks,” the team says.

One of the most important advantages is definitely how easy it is to use; you just have to create an account, set up the level of CPU throttling and copy the generated code to insert it into the website’s code.

Once the changes are all set, each visitor of the website will give away a part of its CPU resources to the mining process. It is a win-win condition: the user can get free content and the webmaster still makes a profit. A developer can also manage the statistics for the website to have only the fresh, accurate information.

An easy-to-use interface makes CoinIMP a good option to make money with JavaScript mining. Plus, there is no charges or hidden fees, only a 1% fee that one can always gain back to the Referral Program.

Even though users must pay a network fee for any XMR transaction, these two charges (1% fee and the XMR transaction fee) are so low combined that it is immensely profitable to use the service. The minimum payout of 0.1 XMR is one of the lowest among its competitors. The experience of years in the IT industry gives CoinIMP’s team a firm understanding of how to give the best service.

Technical Support is a plus for anyone who values his time, as CoinIMP offers 24/7 support on a variety of channels to help users with any question they might have. Be it through the mail, live chat or any of their social media platforms, the tech support professionals will make their best effort to solve whatever issue you’re facing.

Looking to spread the word, CoinIMP has a Referral Program that offers a user who shares the site with others the opportunity to gain the chance of getting 1% of the earnings made by each person (paid by the company and not the invited individual) that they had invited.

Future Plans

The CoinIMP team will be launching a new solution, this time in the advertising field. The idea behind it is to change the approach towards advertising established on the blockchain technology. It will guide the average webmaster on how to use the platform in the most efficient way while helping advertisers to waste less money on their promotions. This idea will help to lower the costs of designing and placing of an ad.

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