Gaming PvP infrastructure IQeon races past ICO soft cap

IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform providing easy ways for gamers to monetize their in-game achievements. The startup is also stuffed with open SDK facilitating the development of the games hosted on the IQeon platform. Open API and smart contracts technology revolutionize the world of online betting. Bets placed on IQeon could be on the results of competitions run on the platform or any other game existing on the Internet.

The main token sale launched on January 30th and it lasts until March 13th, 2018. The schedule of bonuses introduced differs depending on what week of the ICO contributors invest in IQeon. Basically, as standard practice goes, the earlier one buys IQN tokens, the larger the bonus.

IQeon is an already working product and one of the first games to be placed there is IQClash Lite. The game is based on the Blockchain technology and covers sessions of intellectual mini-quests where the players compete with each other. ICO websites rate the startup quite high. ICORating gave the project low-risk investment score. ICOBazaar and ICOBench rated the project 4.5 out of 5 and ICORanker — 78 out of 100.

Not only rating platforms notice the high quality of the platform’s technical side and the healthy business goals set by the management team but also various business insiders and investors took notice at the conferences the IQeon team frequently visits. Among the recent conferences and blockchain forums visited by the project’s representatives include London Blockchain Week 2018, Blockchain Conference in Thai, World Blockchain Summit, etc. As the result of active participation, YouTube bloggers and British Cryptonews channels conducted interviews where IQeon benefits and the plans for the future. The platform reported they also obtained new partners eager to place their apps and games in the IQeon ecosystem.

To get more details visit the IQeon official website.