Edge cryptocurrency wallet now live

Formerly known as AirBitz before rebranding as Edge, the cryptocurrency wallet company announced today the app is now live and officially out of a three-month-long beta. The Edge Wallet is an integration of three core offerings: a hyper-secure and private personal vault, a friendly user interface for blockchain networks and services, and an encrypted single sign-on solution for decentralized applications.

The Edge wallet has support for SegWit on both bitcoin and litecoin, and last year the team integrated support for Shapeshift. The integration allows users to convert funds between the various digital assets and tokens Edge wallet supports.

The application also allows users to manually add their ERC-20 tokens.

There are still some final AirBitz to Edge migrations to take place such as transaction history exports, spending limits, and user selected nodes. These will be added to Edge in the next few releases.

After this, the team will be working to incorporate the premium service plug-ins that users in Airbitz were able to enjoy, such as fiat exchanges and mobile top-ups. Edge users will not only see more assets integrated in the near future, they will also see more service integrations as more exchanges and crypto-related services will be able to “plug-in” to the wallet.

The Edge team said:

“After over a year of intense development and over three months in a limited release beta, our highly anticipated multi-asset wallet is now available for all to use! Users all around the world have been clamoring for a private, secure, open-source, and easy to use multi-asset wallet they can depend on. We’re more than proud to deliver what our users and the market have been demanding for some time now.”

The Edge wallet is available to download for free on iOS or Android.

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