Athena Bitcoin ATMs enable bitcoin cash (BCH)

Athena bitcoin ATMs enable bitcoin cash (BCH)

It was announced today from Athena, a provider of bitcoin ATMs in the US and Mexico, that the company has now enabled the buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at any Athena Bitcoin ATM. Athena was one of the first back in July 2017 to roll out Litecoin across all ATMs and the company aims to do the same with BCH.

Most Bitcoin Cash addresses will now begin with a “q” or “p” and will be all lowercase. Only these addresses will be accepted at the ATMs. Users need to make sure they are using a compatible Bitcoin Cash wallet as well.

The Athena team stated, “we are very happy to provide another new asset choice to our customers and have more planned for the future…”

For more information see the Athena Locations page for the full list.