Crypto exchange COBINHOOD unveils latest platform updates

COBINHOOD, a freshly launched cryptocurrency exchange is bringing onboard its latest changes since the platform’s launch in December 2017. Aiming to be a leading zero-fee based exchange that employs the highest level of security in its trading platform, the company has been making a number of developments on its system.

Some of these are:

Incorporating coins on its exchange that are non ERC-20 compatible. At the moment, the platform works with coins that are ERC-20 compatible. COBINHOOD will soon bring live other blockchains. Different blockchains that COBINHOOD seeks to bring on board are DAG based coins like IOTA and NANO, QRC20 coins and UTXO based coins.

Another important update is that the platform will incorporate an opportunity to earn interest from providing loans used in margin trading. In its white paper, the company had stated that loan providers who provide liquidity for margin trading will receive interest on their loans. The exchange intends to have this fully operational before the end of June 2018. This is also part of how the exchange can get away with 0 trading fees.

Furthermore, the team is working adjusting the deposit and withdrawal process. Delays have been observed during deposits and withdrawals especially from users with multiple wallets. The team is working hard to see to it that this process is fast and without hindrance as soon as possible.

The platform has also expedited the KYC process. This has been made possible by adding more team members to the verification department. From March, the platform says that users should expect a much faster process.

As part of its commitment to continuously offer the best services to clients, the exchange has aggressively embarked on the continuous development of its platform.

Some of the notable updates that have been done by the exchange in the recent past are:

Displaying and allowing users to choose from multiple languages. This is indeed a multilingual site. The site has a total of 12 languages. This means that it is widely accessible and understandable by people from different nationalities across the world.

Secondly, there are over 30 tokens on the site, and being added steadily. There are 60 trading pairs that can be traded on this site. This diversity means traders can pick on their favorite coins and invest or trade them with ease.