The rising cryptocurrency and digital transaction economy

Following the rise in the price of bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also increased in popularity this past year. One chart shows that there were over 500 that had their first trade in 2017. While not all of these coins will survive, it does show that cryptocurrencies are on the emergence, and they’re on the rise fast. While there has been much debate on the subject of crypto versus fiat currencies, just about everyone agrees on a couple basic ideas. First, cryptocurrencies are completely changing the way we think about and use the money. Second, fiat currencies have been around for almost 3,000 years, and they won’t go away anytime soon.

The average crypto user lives in both worlds. Only the dedicated few are deal solely in cryptocurrencies. For the rest of us, there is a constant switch between fiat and crypto. Users have sought mobile apps or debit cards that manage assets between crypto and fiat currencies. TokenCard was actually the first company to realize this, and have also created the TokenCard app which allows for real-time usage of digital assets.

By uniting mobility with flexibility, these apps and cards, pair the convenience of plastic with the revolution of blockchain, making it accessible to the general public.

There are a number of cryptocurrency debit cards, and choosing the right one can feel a bit complex. However, by limiting the search to only those that offer mobility and a debit card, users can narrow the field somewhat.

Comparing the Greats

Companies like TokenCard and TenX offer features that are particularly helpful for cryptocurrency users. TenX, for example, is a blockchain platform that has an objective of spending digital assets anywhere. The company is a blockchain with its own token, PAY. By providing an internal cryptocurrency, the company has created a methodology for users to transact, without the consistent burden of fiat/crypto management and volatility.

Because most crypto debit cards are supported by VISA, you also have access to spend your digital and fiat currencies anywhere in the world through their mobile app. All of the assets are added to the card, providing you with one card to spend all your currencies on

These companies, along with others, also provide a physical card that you can swipe to make payments almost anywhere. The mobile app is then updated with recent transaction reflected. Think of it as an all-inclusive credit card that is linked to each of your digital and fiat assets.

Whether it’s USD, BTC or ETH, the crypto debit card app can track what you’re spending in real time. The system of app and card provides a single location to view all your digital assets. It also provides a way send or receive those same assets, securely and quickly.

Through the app, a single swipe allows you to switch from digital currencies to traditional fiat currencies, and vice versa. This access to all of your assets is more than just a neat party trick. It’s also very useful.

Not only can you access your digital assets from your app, but you can also invest more in them and even receive tokens from ICO’s. All of this comes straight out of your wallet, which also is managed by the app.

A Helpful Feature

A unique and helpful feature that some companies like TokenCard have been adding is an in-app chat support. This chat gives users a direct line to the TokenCard team, providing real-time support for whatever difficulty is faced. This is a feature TenX has not yet implemented.

This is an especially important feature when you consider the power and control that is wielded within these digital currency and fiat currency apps. All of those assets can represent a lot of money. And TokenCard provides a way to help if any questions come up.

Answering the Most Asked Question: “What About Security?”

One of the main questions people ask when an app like this is presented regards security. With TokenCard, for example, the key to get into the app and have access to the assets is through the passphrase. This allows you to backup and then restore your assets on any device. The company also has an emergency withdrawal feature that allows an immediate emergency withdraw if any breach is detected. Additionally, the wallet is smart contract-based and triple audited, making your assets as safe as possible.

These companies are providing a helpful bridge between the new world of cryptocurrencies with the old world of fiat currencies. Companies like TokenCard and TenX understands that fiat won’t be made completely obsolete by crypto, and instead provide a means to manage both through a single, user-friendly app.

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