AdHive wraps up $5.5M token presale, gears up for public ICO

AdHive, an AI-powered and community-driven platform for native video advertising on influencers’ channels has announced to successfully conclude presale stage, closing the cap in victorious 36 minutes. 2220 token purchasers were lucky enough to get on board during presale as AdHive released the “first come – first served” mechanics to guarantee transparency and avoid “gas wars”.

“The presale $ 5.5M is way above the planned $ 3M for the stage – we stepped up the market with a strong and experienced team, proven core technology, bringing a transparent vision for the further development, yet we did not expect the crypto-community to embrace the idea so favorably,” comments Dmitry Malyanov, AdHive Co-Founder.

AdHive will stick to the global business development roadmap, while AdHive team does not imply any changes for the token sale main stage. Scheduled to kick off on February 21st, AdHive will welcome its early token purchasers to close the $ 12M hard cap till March 14th – or earlier, depending on the overall token sale demand.

“The staggering success of our token presale has left the AdHive team both humbled and overjoyed. From the very beginning, we knew that the only way for us to succeed in revolutionizing global influencer marketing industry was the one with the community supportive, passionate and positive on our side. We will definitely justify and empower the trust given to us by crypto-community, early supporters and token purchasers, and do our best to make the AdHive project a new standard reinventing the $ 40Bln market with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Stay tuned for our token sale” added Dmitry Malyanov.

Having taken into account the issues associated with an explosively high demand for the ADH tokens, AdHive will introduce mild restrictions on individual ADH purchases during the token sale, as well as two-stage token purchase mechanics to eliminate the possible hard cap triggering delay.