Bitcoin exchange BL3P temporarily limiting new accounts to invite-only

Europe BTC exchange BL3P limits user signup to invite only

Bitonic B.V. the Netherlands-based bitcoin company announced today that new account applications for its exchange BL3P are to be put on temporarily pause in order to accommodate past months growth. For the time being, exclusively those with invite-only applications will be allowed.

Certain measures are currently being put in place so the company can reorganize and expand team members to meet the demand of new users and provide for an upgrade of its servers and technology, which includes SegWit activation for the benefit of customers.

The BL3P team said:

“Because of the great interest in bitcoin as of late, and the resulting huge influx of applications for BL3P, we didn’t have the required capacity to maintain our desired level of service for the last couple of weeks. Because of this, we decided to temporarily disable applications to focus on the quality of service for existing BL3P users while simultaneously helping new customers at”

“In the meantime we were working hard to process all existing applications, expanding our team, smoothing out our processes and increasing the capacity of our servers and software. Part of this is implementing Segregated Witness (SegWit) into our engine. SegWit is currently running in our testing environment. As soon as we’re finished testing, we can deploy SegWit. At this time it’s hard to indicate when our tests will be concluded because safety and stability are of the highest priority.”

“However, we do see an opportunity to allow a limited amount of new users to BL3P, on an invite-only basis. Of course, we hope to open up the platform to all users, as soon as we possibly can.”

BL3P invite-only eligibility

Those interested in opening an account can still apply, but the signup will be put on a waiting list by default. To finish an application, the new waitlisted account user will need a valid invitation code. Existing BL3P users whose account has been verified and who have successfully completed a deposit to their account will own two invite codes.

Additional invite codes will be provided if meeting other specific requirements, you can find these below:

If meeting at least one of these requirements, the BL3P team says to please contact to check eligibility.

BL3P is a product of Bitonic, an experienced Bitcoin company founded in 2012. BL3P is available in all European countries. BL3P is the only cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands and holds Dutch bank accounts to process euro transactions.

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