VooGlue uses blockchain to transform digital art buying and selling

The developer of a patented system for facilitating the “gluing” of a digital media counterpart to a wall-hung artwork, VooGlue.com seeks to expand the VooGlue ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology.

Having already established proof of concept through the building and deployment of a working prototype, VooGlue is now developing a decentralized platform that will integrate artists, galleries, museums, art lovers, and investors in the following ways:

– Establishing standards of verification and ownership for artwork that can be safely and permanently recorded on the Ethereum public blockchain.
– Facilitating ease of transaction between all parties through the use of its native token VGC.
– Enabling a liquid art market through the tokenization of artwork, this allows:

  1. Artists to fund ambitious projects.
  2. Galleries to more easily purchase art.
  3. Small and medium investors to gain exposure to the lucrative art market.
VooGlue Adds an Extra Dimension to Art

Art lovers using the VooGlue App will consume a digital media experience such as a time-lapse video of the art being created, an augmented reality enhancement, or an audio companion to the artwork. In doing so they are enjoying a complete artistic experience than is normally available. Since the digital video counterparts are permanently ‘glued’ to individual pieces of art, the digital content is thus tailored to augment, enhance, build on, intensify and improve on the artistic experience of the physical wall hung artwork in question. This unique facility has been described as a ‘new style of art’ by art academics.

“Where an artist deliberately creates multiple layers, with the intent of having those layers revealed to add this next dimension, then this is a new style of art,” said Gary Dufour, Adjunct Associate Professor, Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, School of The University of Western Australia, Approved Valuer Australian Federal Government.

“Art has stayed in a dusty corner of the 19th century while everybody has moved into the 21st century on their mobile phones,” said Brian Carew-Hopkins, founder, and CEO of VooGlue. Hopkins is an entrepreneur, artist, and author with over 25 years business experience ranging from initiating and growing startups to senior roles in large corporations and Government, including corporate board appointments.

Token Generation Event

VooGlue.io is holding a Token Generation Event to raise funds for development of its unique art ecosystem. The ERC-20 standard token the fuels the network is VGC. The pre-sale is scheduled for January 19th to March 20th  and the public sale is set to run from March 21st for three months or until the hard cap of 55,000 ETH is reached. Pre-sale tokens can be purchased with descending bonuses starting at 80%.

To find out more about VooGlue and to see a demonstration of the app, visit VooGlue.io.

Complete details of the VooGlue platform can be found in the whitepaper.

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