FP Complete to conduct audit of the Cardano blockchain

The Cardano Foundation, the objective organization supporting leading blockchain Cardano, has appointed FP Complete, an IT engineering specialist, to provide an independent audit of the engineering work completed by Cardano’s development team, IOHK, and to make recommendations for further audited improvements to the Cardano blockchain protocol.

Founded by the former head of Microsoft’s own in-house engineering tools, Aaron Contorer, FP Complete is the world’s leading supplier of commercial-grade tools and engineering for Haskell – the functional programming language used to build Cardano’s third generation blockchain protocol.

As part of the agreement, FP Complete will perform a code review to examine the quality of the Cardano software, with a focus on robustness, security, and auditability.

The firm will also complete a review of Cardano’s technical documentation and operating procedures, enabling IOHK to use this ongoing work to optimize the engineering methods, tools, and coding standards used to implement Cardano. This approach to development is unique and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to innovation and technical rigor.

From February, Cardano Foundation and FP Complete will produce regular reports that will be shared with the community detailing the results of the audit findings. This is an approach that meets with the Cardano project’s aims for transparency and Cardano Foundation’s objective to standardize, protect and promote the Cardano Protocol technology.

“Adding FP Complete to our project team in this crucial role illustrates the Cardano Foundation’s commitment to high-quality blockchain engineering, project transparency and a rigorous and independent auditing process. The appointment of FP Complete reflects these values.”

Michael Parsons Chairman & Executive Director, Cardano Foundation

“Cardano has prudently enlisted FP Complete for an independent 3rd Party Audit of the Cardano Blockchain to ensure its open source blockchain is as secure, stable and robust as possible. By appointing our highly experienced development team, Cardano will benefit from our expertise in continuous integration, engineering process management, Haskell engineering, and secure scalable cloud systems.”

Aaron Contorer, CEO, FP Complete
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