ACINQ releases Strike API for Bitcoin Lightning payments

ACNIQ releases Strike API for bitcoin lightning

ACINQ, a French Bitcoin technology company announced today Strike, a handy API for Bitcoin Lightning network payments for businesses. Receiving Lightning payments with Strike is handled by making a simple API call and listening to a webhook event.

Through Strike, users can allow the application to handle their Lightning payments, and receive aggregated bitcoin transactions every week, day, or hour. Strike comes with a dashboard allowing users to monitor their payments in real time.

This makes ACINQ a 3rd party, but only to a minimum degree, they say. Whenever the aggregate amount reaches a configurable threshold, for example, 0.2 BTC, then you would never trust ACINQ for more than 0.2 BTC.

ACINQ is still working on the details of what to charge for the service but is discussing a flat fee per Lightning transaction; automatic withdrawals (with a minimum aggregate amount): free, ACNIQ will pay the bitcoin network fees, and manual withdrawals (any amount): the user would pay the network fees.