Pinkcoin partners with Pi-Supply and launches hardware development arm

Pinkcoin, a social impact cryptocurrency Co-founded by professional poker player turned cryptocurrency philanthropist and entrepreneur Danny Johnson announced today the launch of Pinklabs; the hardware development arm of Pinkcoin. Using free and open source software and cryptocurrency technology, Pinklabs products are built with mass adoption in mind. This arm of Pink will focus on easy to use devices that will aid in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially Pinkcoin.

The first product from Pinkcoin, which has been in development since September, is a Proof of Stake and wallet system built on top of the Raspberry Pi suite of boards. With an easy to use user interface and setup process, “this product will be the perfect resource for novice to veteran.” The PinkPi will utilize less energy than even the most efficient desktop computers, while also introducing more people into an easy to use staking device at an affordable cost to purchase and operate.

Furthermore, the Pinkcoin team is today formally announcing its partnership between Pinkcoin/Pinklabs and Pi-Supply; a registered partner with the Raspberry Pi foundation. Pi-Supply has over a decade of experience with designing, fabricating, and sourcing single-board computers and their peripheral devices. This partnership will allow Pinkcoin an unabridged connection between designing and fabricating its own hardware devices ranging from staking devices to a whole slew of other crypto specific hardware machines.

Pi-Supply has 85 global distribution channels to help bring Pinklab’s products to a wider audience and introduce crypto and crypto technologies to a larger market at an affordable cost. Pi-Supply is also a manufacturer of their own range of Raspberry Pi add-on kits and HATs and other hardware devices that will allow Pinklabs to explore potential that is untapped between cryptocurrency and single-board computers.

You can check out more information about Pi-Supply at their website, and the landing page for Pinklabs products at Pinklab products will be available to be purchased using Pinkcoin.

Last week, Pinkcoin joined the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), an initiative of ConsenSys that incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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