ZagTrader partners with XTRADE for cryptocurrency routing

ZagTrader, a Dubai-based technology company specializing in banking and capital markets solutions with an integrated trading platform today announced a partnership with XTRADE IO to provide execution capabilities for cryptocurrency to its clients via the XTRADE routing network.

ZagTrader has previously proclaimed that it is going to adopt the use of blockchain as part of its technology offerings.

XTRADE has created a way to bridge the gap between traditional financial technology and the emerging world of cryptocurrency trading by leveraging a single unified FIX API to trading platforms to reach multiple liquidity pools.

“We are very happy to announce the ZagTrader and XTRADE IO partnership. To us, this is a big step for ZagTrader, and collaborating with XTRADE IO will add a lot of value to the users of the ZagTrader platform, and will avail for us new venues to deploy our global technology framework. Our partnership with XTRADE IO will not solely depend on order routing but we are also working together to further enhance the experience of Cryptocurrency trading globally,” said Shihab Khalil, CEO of ZagTrader.

“ZagTrader is a leader in banking and capital markets technology and the platform gives us access to new opportunities through ZagTrader globally. Establishing a working relationship with ZagTrader means we can provide high levels of customer service, which is essential when introducing a new technology, ” said Serg Gulko, CTO of XTRADE.