The Crypto Company acquires majority in crypto portfolio and tax app CoinTracking

 The Crypto Company, an OTC publicly traded technology company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry announced it has officially completed an acquisition, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CoinTracking, LLC, of a majority stake in CoinTracking GmbH.

California-based The Crypto Company, directly and through its subsidiaries, will continue to invest and expand its product roadmap as well as build on top of CoinTracking’s cryptocurrency data aggregation, token price tracking, portfolio management, tax calculation and reporting software.

The CoinTracking software allows users to import data from over 50 exchanges and wallets, itemize their holdings, track each transaction, compare prices from around the world and calculate capital gains and losses for tax reporting purposes.

Michael Poutre, CEO, The Crypto Company

CEO of The Crypto Company, Mike Poutre, said, “It is an incredibly exciting time for us. The CoinTracking purchase supports our mission – to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream traders, investors, merchants and everyday people. This quarter, we are rapidly expanding our search and acquisition of high potential blockchain companies with the intention of being an increasingly reliable source of market information, access to the rising digital asset class and risk mitigation.”

Poutre continued, “Openness, honesty, and transparency are the hallmarks of our company, especially at a time when skepticism is apparent in a nascent, high growth industry like blockchain and digital currency. Our recent Form 8-K filing for this completed deal represents a significant step forward for The Crypto Company, and our goal is to always provide investors and the general public with detailed information on business strategy, acquisitions, key hirings and new services and products.”

The majority interest in CoinTracking GmbH has been entered into the commercial registry of the Republic of Germany.

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