Crowd Machine develops auto-generation smart contracts without code

Crowd Machine, the distributed computer for building decentralized apps, will make it possible to auto-generate a smart contract definition for all common blockchain networks, meaning developers can create the logic they want without worrying about the underpinning smart contract technology.

This significant development means that the blockchain becomes subservient to the app, making it a utility and allowing decentralized app developers to remain blockchain agnostic.

Acting as an intermediary broker, the Crowd Machine Network evaluates pricing across each blockchain every time a smart contract is required. It will use the blockchain that offers the best price at the time of the transaction, becoming an automated blockchain pricing optimizer that negates the need to understand the specifics of the blockchain itself.

The smart contract definition capability operates as part of the functionality in Crowd Machine’s App Studio, allowing logic to be defined as natural expressions.  Therefore, developers do not need to concern themselves with the semantics of the underlying blockchain smart contract technology. After creation of the contract, the Crowd Virtual Machine loads the smart contract to its respective test networks and publishes the contract methods within the Crowd Machine App Studio for developers to make calls upon.

Crowd Machine’s CEO and Founder, Craig Sproule said:

“This will result in significant savings for every individual decentralized app, as well as unquantifiable savings across the transactional ecosystem of all apps. As the number of blockchain providers grows, app developers will have an increasing number of options to choose from. With the release of our auto-generation of smart contracts, we’re making it possible for them to not have to make a decision that locks them into one particular vendor. Our users will generate smart contracts for each of the blockchains and be able to focus on their app without having to learn how to write a contract for all the different options.”


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