Digital asset platform ICONOMI announces higher Tier 1 account limits

ICONOMI Tier 1 limits raised for digital asset management platform

ICONOMI, the digital asset management platform which launched this past summer announced today that as part of its efforts to expand verification services, the company has redesigned Tier 1 verification. First, there will be an increased limit for Tier 1 deposit and withdrawal while now supporting 189 countries. Users can verify to Tier 1 directly from their account page.

All existing Tier 1 users will be automatically changed to Tier 0 and will have to re-verify their accounts to get access to the raised Tier 1 limits. Users who do not want to verify to Tier 1 will be able to withdraw up to $5,000 of funds from the platform until January 31, 2018. Tier 2 and Tier 3 users will not be affected by this change.

Tier 1 Process

To verify account to Tier 1, the process can be done within a user account. The method asks the user to choose a nationality, receive a verification SMS code, and take a picture (or multiple pictures, depending on the document) of an ID document and face.

At the moment, verification is possible only on the ICONOMI platform, mobile iOS and Android apps will have this functionality implemented soon.


Tier 0 Deposit – $0

Withdraw – $0

Tier 1 Deposit (annual) – $14,000.00

Withdraw (daily) – $15,000.00
Withdraw (monthly) – $50,000.00

Tier 2 Deposit – Unlimited

Withdraw (daily) $50,000.00
Withdraw (monthly) $200,000.00

Tier 3 Deposit – Unlimited

Withdraw – Custom

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