Citowise pushing the envelope of Ethereum blockchain wallet tech

Citowise, with the development and launch of their Citowise wallet application, gives users another powerful tool for interacting with Ethereum blockchain-based currencies. The fundamental goals of Citowise are to provide a secure and convenient solution for simplifying token payment processes, to accelerate the permeation of crypto-payments into everyday life, and to ensure that the control of funds remains solely in the users’ hands.

With extensive efforts, Citowise aims to produce the most user-oriented and reliable wallet in the crypto industry. Citowise provides free wallets for Google Android and soon enough will become available on Desktop and Apple iOS platforms.

In addition to being an exceptional tool for the customers, in which they can exchange ERC20 tokens and ETH, Citowise wallet is a multi-tasking app that allows people to participate in ICO projects. It is seeming that the number of ICO increases every year. However, participation in an ICO is a tedious and laborious task for some. Thus, many people simply choose not to participate. Citowise wallet looks to solve the abovementioned problem by offering a unique method to participate in any ICO a user wants and makes the process simple to acquire new tokens quick and safe.

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