HitBTC responds to bevy of customer complaints

HitBTC, the European based cryptocurrency exchange has put out a statement regarding the state of affairs with the company. Responding to recent events being made attention to on different websites, where many users have been complaining of non-responses from contact questions as well as withdrawal transfer requests on their HitBTC accounts.

Disputing they have been overwhelmed with the number of users taken on in recent months, HitBTC says they’ve had a massive increase in the volume of support tickets and is trying to work their way through the queue. Time will tell if there are merits to the complaints out of the thousands and thousands of exchange users, or just some bad experiences in the midst of the overloaded support team.

Many services have been experiencing technical issues due to the increasing number of clients. Some exchanges are suspending new registrations entirely, and others are taking limitation measures as well.

See below their official statement regarding the recent issues, the same statement as published on HitBTC’s website earlier in the day.

HitBTC Statement:

HitBTC is facing challenges without limiting the possibilities for our clients and we are proud to be one of the few to do so. Expectedly, if a malfunction does occur nowadays, it affects more customers than ever before. The number of our clients has been growing exponentially which has inevitably caused more issues than before and has resulted in a significantly increased amount of complaints.

We have also experienced several DDoS attacks in the last couple of weeks, making things worse. It is a challenging task at the moment as we need to optimize our system for the influx of new traders at the same time and sustain the great number of markets we have, which approaches almost five hundred in total. Our team of experts is handling all matters 24/7.

The software issues are worth mentioning as well. As we’re often the first to deal with new coins, we’re the first to large-scale test their equipment, which usually remains in beta version. Safe exploitation of it is being questioned consequently. Our engineers are locating and resolving vulnerabilities and bugs in the software, manually proceeding stuck transactions when needed. It can mean that certain currencies may remain in maintenance mode for days, with their transactions pending.

All of the above basically means that the waiting line for our support is enormous right now.In the first three weeks of December, we have received one and a half times more requests than in the previous three months. Behind every issue, there is an easy explanation, but failure to provide them on time (e.g. immediately) predictably causes so-called FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The following announcements are being presented to eliminate it.

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