Ilia Frankstein joins P2P education platform Ninja Tutor as Advisor

Peer-to-peer online education platform is proud to announce that Ilia Frankstein is joining the project as an advisor. Ilia Frankstein has diverse international experience in startups, major corporations and banks in Israel, Canada and Russia. In addition, he has extensive business development and sales knowledge across different continents, industries and in a wide range of markets.

Frankstein began his career as a software engineer in Israel, working for some of the most successful startups in the country. He then spent 12 years in Canada, mostly as an IT consultant for major banks and corporations. After getting involved in investment banking, he managed M&A deals and IPOs on Micex.

Ilia Frankstein has been active in the crypto space since 2015, primarily as an investor in ICOs and later on through establishing his own company, Tetha Crypto, a company dedicated to enabling the brightest minds on the planet to create and innovate. Tetha Crypto is a boutique investment bank with a focus on selecting the best projects to be crowdfunded through an ICO, which points towards Frankstein’s expertise in selecting projects that will truly create value for all stakeholders: investors, communities and various players in the economy.  

We are thrilled to draw from Ilia Frankstein’s expertise in a variety of critical areas of business; from corporate strategy, business development and IT consultancy, to project planning and crucially in crypto economics.

“Ilia Frankstein has a deep understanding of what makes an ICO successful and how to maximize the value for all stakeholders while building a genuinely innovative product that stands on its own,” – says Maxim Shekhovtsov, the CFO of “Most importantly, we share the same approach when it comes to initiating crypto projects. Just like Mr. Frankstein, we believe that integrity on all levels is crucial to the healthy functioning of any global ecosystem, with the crypto community not being an exception. It’s very encouraging to welcome another esteemed expert among our advisors, especially one whose daily bread is precisely evaluating the potential of crypto companies ” – added Shekhovtsov. is a peer-to-peer online education platform on a mission to make cost-effective, high-quality, transparent learning accessible to anyone in the world. Our technology enables learning, in particular of foreign languages, through an innovative, trustworthy and fully secure technology platform, connecting tutors and students online.

Through the elimination of intermediaries between tutors and students, such as language schools, is able to reduce the cost of lessons significantly. Lack of trust is currently one of the biggest obstacles to an increased adoption of online learning and tutoring. Consequently, the NTOK token enables access to the database of tutors on a blockchain with decentralized and secure reviews and rankings. In addition, the token streamlines and secures transactions.

For more information about Ilia Frankstein, visit his LinkedIn profile or Tetha Crypto website. Learn more about by visiting our website, reading the whitepaper, or get a quick overview by downloading an easy-to-review one-pager.  The ICO begins on January 15th, 2018.