Crypto exchange COBINHOOD increases limits, mobile app now due

Newly launched cryptocurrency exchange COBINHOOD has announced its first major update since launching live the exchange earlier this month.  First announced, and one of the lagging features, when launched, was the lack of mobile applications. The team has now informed that the first mobile app releases will be released within this next week.

Also, to accommodate users growing needs, the company has increased the deposit and withdrawal limits for various account verification levels.

The new levels can be seen below.

Daily Crypto Withdrawal (US$ equivalent):
Level 0: 0 | Level 1: 10,000 | Level 2: 20,000 | Level 3: 200,000

Monthly Crypto Withdrawal (US$ equivalent):
Level 0: 0 | Level 1: 500,00 | Level 2: 100,000 | Level 3: 1,000,000

Level 3 FIAT Limit (US$ equivalent):
Daily Deposit: US$15,000 | Monthly Deposit: US$200,000
Daily Withdrawal: US$15,000 | Monthly Withdrawal: US$200,000

More features being immediately added include stop-loss, margin trading, and more trading pairs.

Lastly, in the company’s first community vote on which token to add to the exchange, ending in the next few minutes at the time of writing, RaiBlocks (XRB) came out the winner.

RaiBlocks is a payment system for the world offering feeless, instantaneous transactions.