Julurida partners with Ardorgate to establish Euro gateway

Julurida, the developer of the Ardor Blockchain Platform announced today it has partnered with Ardorgate to deliver an Ardor based Euro pegged child chain token named AEUR.

The new AEUR token provides a quick and simple entry point into the crypto world using Euro. Each AEUR token will always equal exactly 1€ and this is guaranteed and backed by Ardorgate, which has partnered with Lithuanian bank MISTERTANGO as the payment processor.

Using the AEUR token users can trade assets on the Ardor platform and easily exchange into ARDR or child chain coin/token.

“I decided to start this project because I see huge potential on eliminating additional steps, when people exchange crypto to fiat, sell items for crypto, doing ICO, etc. Thanks to Ardorgate many use cases will become available making them faster and easier”, says Martynas Bacevicius, one of the loyal members of the Ardor and Nxt community, Blockchain Engineer and Founder of Ardorgate.

“The entry point into NXT has always been a problem for our European customers, using the AEUR Ardor child chain we now have a simple solution to convert between the EURO and our tokens. We are excited to work with Ardorgate to deliver the best user experience in the blockchain industry”, says Lior Yaffe Co-founder and Managing Director at Jelurida.

Jelurida, enables companies to develop Blockchain applications. Using Jelurida’s Nxt and Ardor Blockchain Platforms, companies can quickly and easily deploy blockchain technology and develop decentralized applications which enable 3rd parties to cooperate without trusting each other.

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