Daedalus Wallet launches for Ethereum Classic

Input Output HK Limited supported Ethereum Classic Developer Alan McSherry announced today the latest release from Team Grothendieck in conjunction with Team Daedalus is now live, ‘the Daedalus release’ combines the functionality of the highly thought out Daedalus Wallet and the Mantis Ethereum Classic Client.

ETC users can now download the first release candidate available for Windows 10 and MacOS.

This initial release has focused on the basic wallet to wallet transfer function and enjoys the safety features Daedalus is known for. The team noted that this is still very new software, so it is not recommended to use this wallet for any high-value transactions because it considers this release to be a “live test.”

For users who already use Daedalus Wallet for Cardano, these are currently separate products: one targeting ETC users and one for Cardano users and should not be installed side by side. Near future releases will provide a more integrated experience.

McSherry said:

“Ethereum Classic, for all its strengths, suffers from the same synchronization issue as other blockchains – it takes an impractically long time. Reducing this time will be a priority for future releases but at the moment it’s quite impractical to wait for days to sync up the chain, and a synchronized chain is required to allow the use of the wallet.”

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