Stratis Smart Contracts, Identity, and Sidechains to be released next quarter

Stratis, a development platform that allows businesses and organizations to develop blockchain applications in C# utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework has announced a recent update for specific projects including Stratis Identity, Stratis Sidechains, and Stratis Smart Contracts.

Everything listed is due to be released in Q1 2018, with the company picking up great momentum on its development path this year, in 2018 it will look to do the same.

The details of the development updates concerning the apps are below:

Stratis Identity App

The Stratis Identity iOS application is currently awaiting approval to be published to the Apple App Store.

The application is complete, and it is now dependant on the review and approval process.

Release Date: Q1 2018

Stratis Sidechains

The Stratis Sidechain technology is based upon the Stratis Full Node. The team said that extensive work has been undertaken to further develop the Stratis Sidechain offering and a number of core features are being implemented.  This includes instant sidechain creation and methods to fund the sidechain from the mainchain.

The sidechain team is also working closely with the smart contracts team in order to enable enterprises to run smart contracts on their respective sidechains.

Another core feature of Stratis Blockchain-as-a-Service is the Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology. This has been made available as a separate offering to fulfill any immediate requirements to deploy blockchains for customers whilst the full Stratis Sidechain product is in development.

Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018

Stratis Smart Contracts

Stratis is working on providing a smart contracts solution that will cater for .NET developers by providing a comfortable and familiar development environment, as well as being performant and secure.

The development team stated it is currently in the implementation phase and the overall architecture is in place. Work is progressing on the gas expenditure and persistent storage aspects of smart contracts.

The team declared:

“The Stratis Blockchain Technology Platform is proving to be a first-class platform for C# sidechain and smart contract development and 2018 will be an exciting year for Stratis.”

Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018

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