AML BitCoin ICO extended to meet unprecedented demand

There has been a surge in last-minute demand for the initial coin offering of the new cryptocurrency AML BitCoin driven by orders from new buyers and thousands of existing token holders grappling with the complexity of the specialized digital currency wallet required for holding the currency. And as in any market, demand is triggering an increase in the price of the coin, with NAC Foundation, the creator of AMT BitCoin, extending the offering. The one-month extension is likely to generate further interest in AML BitCoin as the only patent-pending digital currency in the world that meets the stringent security requirements imposed in the financial sector, including anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) demands.

The coin price will increase in the second phase of the ICO from US $1.00 to US $1.25, but could rise even further to USD $1.50, triggered in part by new potential buyers making inquiries, international talks on the currency’s use in payment systems and anticipated partnerships, and also by the likelihood of significant price gains in the run-up to the planned listing of the coin. As the world’s largest digital currency exchange, HitBTC was chosen for the listing, with trading in AML BitCoin initially scheduled to start on December 15, 2017.

Following the extension, however, the coin will now be listed on the exchange in mid-January 2018. As a result, NAC Foundation will have more time to process incoming orders and enquiries, and also help new buyers and existing coin owners get to grips with the comprehensive security features of the cryptocurrency’s token wallet, including encryption and biometric identification.

Awareness of the underlying security of AML BitCoin is also demonstrated by the negotiations being conducted by NAC Foundation globally that could result in the integration of the coin into governmental and industry payment systems. In addition, in the next few weeks, NAC Foundation will be announcing a significant partnership with a major player on Latin America’s financial markets.

Asked about the ICO, the next phase, and future plans, NAC Foundation CEO Marcus Andrade noted: “Naturally we are delighted with the response to the ICO of AML BitCoin. We announced phase II of the IPO first and foremost to meet pent-up demand. This only goes to show that more and more people are increasingly convinced that our virtual cryptocurrency will be an integral part of the global financial system going forward. We are confident that AML BitCoin will soon become the digital currency of choice in business. And our international talks on using AML BitCoin in payment systems corroborate this fact. We can safely say that you can expect more to come!”

Andrade disclosed that he was planning more trips to Europe over the coming month to close deals on a number of new partnerships both in the governmental and corporate sectors, bolstering his belief that AML BitCoin is the future for commerce.

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