uKit starts pre-ICO to bring big data & blockchain to everyday website building

In past two years, the uKit website builder for business has proved wildly popular, with more than a million users worldwide. Now it’s aiming higher by looking to create an ecosystem that combines website building, AI-design, and blockchain-based data mining to help businesses create websites that automatically tailor to different visitors.

uKits’ new version uKit AI is going to boost website sales & conversions with machine learning and big data. The idea is that simple: when a small business is trying to upgrade its website, it has 100 hypotheses about how it would be better, though often, only one wins out. The uKit AI system is going to create and test personalized landing pages for different people and pick the best variations for further testing.

In many respects, the product is unique to the mass market. Adobe and Amazon built similar solutions in their niches, but one needs to have own array of data to implement them. The uKit AI removes this limitation by providing data about potential customers: website owners can contribute it to uKits’ internal blockchain-based data bank and get tokens in exchange.

You can already check this website builder. Now uKit incorporates generative design algorithms and neural networks to its product. Next step is adding knowledge base about internet users preferences and blockchain technology for data sharing purposes.

With the goal of raising $10 million uKit Group, developer of uKit, is going to give out 55 000 tokens. Each UKT token gives its owner 0,001% of the AI system capabilities – and he can rent the token out. The company already serves over 3 million users of its uKit and uCoz website builders and estimates there are millions websites owners that would potentially be interested in buying and renting tokens.

The token pre-sale started on December 11th with 5000 tokens offered with 25% bonus. A public ICO is slated for January 2018.