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PundiX Partners with Retainly ICO to multiply benefits of consumers & merchants

PundiX Partners with Retainly ICO to multiply benefits of consumers & merchants

Pundi X and Retainly have entered into a partnership that will allow both companies to complement each other in terms of business and technology.

Pundi X will be able to offer loyalty bonus to consumers who transact on their POS devices. In addition to additional bonuses on every transaction, consumers will also be able to pay for goods and services with the RETN stored in their wallet.

Merchants using PundiX POS devices will be able to significantly increase the number of transactions thereby reducing the return on investment period on the POS devices, not to mention the additional business from happy consumers.

For Retainly, which was till now focused on providing their loyalty platform to online businesses alone, will now also be able to extend their platform to physical stores. With no additional overheads, this is a true win-win situation for everyone.

Loyalty programs are the cornerstone of all B2C businesses and this joint venture will be of great value to businesses who have not yet been able to see a break even in their Loyalty Marketing Programs.

As a part of this MoU, Pundi X POS devices are to be placed at Retainly client locations globally. In return, the Retainly (RETN) token will be listed in the Pundi X Platform and be made available for purchase/sale with Retainly clients and all Pundi X merchants. 10 Retainly (RETN) tokens are to be distributed free to each wallet (investor) of Pundi X during the initial promotional period.

About Pundi X

Pundi X aims to solve the last mile challenge for cryptocurrency purchases and sales. The company’s business builds on the existing Pundi-Pundi business model of cashless payment systems, which enables smartphone users to scan QR codes and makes instant payments in retail and restaurant outlets. Pundi-Pundi has already signed up more than 100,000 registered users and over 500 merchant partners in Jakarta in less than a year of operation.

About Retainly

Retainly is a fast growing marketing automation platform launched in March 2017. Since then, Retainly has been acquiring average 350 businesses on to its platform every month. Breaking the commonality of marketing automation platforms, Retainly is the first such company to venture into Loyalty Rewards hacking the power of blockchain, its ICO presale is now live.

Media Relations

Name: Soujanya
Organization: Retainly Technologies
Address: Hyderabad, India.
Phone: +919160055530

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