Overhauled Waves Platform client beta goes live

In the culmination of 18 months of development, Waves has released its most powerful and user-friendly blockchain platform yet. The launch of the Waves Client 1.0 took place earlier today during a special launch event bringing a totally redesigned client to mainstream businesses and users.

The flagship Waves Client 1.0 features a completely redesigned interface, intended to enhance the user experience to a point where it compares favorably with the best online banking and trading platforms. The result is a clean, elegant UI, with simple and intuitive navigation enabling any user to access all of the platform’s powerful features, regardless of whether they have any previous experience of blockchain clients or applications.

“Our frontend developers have succeeded in creating an information-rich UI that is nevertheless uncluttered and unthreatening, rendering it perfect for newcomers and crypto experts alike,” comments Waves founder and CEO, Alexander Ivanov“In terms of making blockchain accessible to mainstream users, we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved here. People are really going to like this.”

The first version of the Waves Client was released back in April 2017.

Comprehensive Updates

Every feature of the original wallet has been redesigned to ensure it is as straightforward to use as any other traditional online financial application.

Right from the start, considerable effort has been taken to guide the user through every necessary step with a minimum of friction. Registration is fast and smooth, with a new and unobtrusive method of ensuring Seeds are backed up. Accounts can now be given unique identifiers and avatars for ease of recognition. Industry best practices have been applied to simple send and receive operations, and the portfolio has been redesigned to show dollar-equivalent values and daily change. Similarly, the transaction history has been overhauled to group transactions by day and display all information conveniently.

The Token Launcher and Leasing tabs have received significant attention, as two operations that were previously complex and sometimes entailed confusion. Leasing, in particular, is now an extremely easy process, with the addresses of major mining pools given in the tab alongside leased and available balances.

However, it is Waves’ decentralized exchange the team believes will most impress the crypto trading community. The interface for the DEX is now alike from that of any top-tier crypto exchange, with a familiar layout and all the tools required by traders. At the same time, it manages to stay simple enough – with a minimalist and moveable dialog box – for occasional traders and beginners to make quick buys and sells without engaging with the more complex functionality available.

A glance at the updated Waves Client

Waves Client Overview

The new Waves client was developed to be as user-friendly as possible. The Waves development team and community completely updated the architecture of the client, thereby solving the main problems our users faced in interacting with the Waves blockchain.

Going forward, Waves has configured an upgrade process and compiled a product development plan for the client. New updates will be published every two weeks.

New updates include:

1. Account creation. The Waves team has taken into account all our users’ feedback, and have made the process simple and clear.
2. Seed. Users often missed the prompt to save their Seed. Waves have reviewed the process and emphasized the importance of carefully storing your private key.
3. Unique identity. For each address a unique identity is now generated, allowing users to visually recognize addresses easily.
4. New wallet UX & UI. Updated the design of the wallet, which now features simple and clear navigation, as well as a new model for presenting information in each section.
5. Assets list. Each user has their own unique list of Assets. Waves made it possible to display only those Assets you want to see. In addition, Waves have added a price chart so that users are always aware of recent market conditions.
6. Send & Receive. Completely redesigned the entire process of receiving and sending assets, taking into account best practices in the industry.
7. Portfolio. We have made the portfolio section more informative. In addition to a balance for each Asset, users can see recent price movement and dollar-equivalent value.
8. Transaction history. The entire transaction history is displayed in a more convenient way, with all transactions grouped by day. Each transaction type has a unique icon and an estimated value in dollar terms.
9. Leasing. UX & UI for leasing has been completely redesigned.
10. DEX. For the long-awaited new version of the decentralized exchange, Waves conducted extensive interviews with traders of different levels and, as a result, have built a decentralized crypto exchange that combines the best features of both traditional and crypto trading. Version 1.0 is just the foundation. Waves have implemented the best graphics in the industry, rethought the overall layout and Order Book, and made a convenient watchlist, as well as displaying all pairs in My Orders.
11. Token Generation. For this release, Waves updated the token generation form and fixed the critical basic errors that our users previously encountered. The form is now clearer and easier to use due to fields being correctly marked and the addition of a preview to the result.

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