Enigma announces biggest release yet for crypto quant platform with Catalyst 0.4

The Enigma project announced today its biggest update yet for Catalyst, its platform for data-driven crypto investing and trading. Catalyst version 0.4 includes the addition of support for dozens of new exchanges, paper trading, and more. Enigma’s aim is to make Catalyst a potent and the most active crypto quantitative trading platform.

In response to feedback from its developer community, the team has decided to integrate with CCXT, a popular open source library which offers a consistent API across exchanges. This move brings immediate support for dozens of new crypto exchanges to the Catalyst user base as CCXT currently interfaces with more than 90 exchanges. Further updates can be seen below.

The Enigma team stated:

“While these features are a major leap forward, we have big plans to continue expanding the capabilities of Catalyst. In addition, upcoming releases will leverage these powerful features by adding even more historical data and integrations to our repository. As to what exactly is coming up — another exciting announcement will follow very soon, so stay tuned!”

To learn more about Catalyst see the official documentation and new video series.