TREZOR bitcoin wallet app announces Release 16

Today, TREZOR, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet company announced a new update to TREZOR Wallet, which is the web interface for the TREZOR hardware wallet.

First, there is expanded account details for all coins listed. Located above the transaction history, users can quickly explore all their account details, such as the balance, cumulative movements, and the exchange rate to a desired fiat currency. The overview is available at first glance when logging into the app for all supported cryptocurrencies in the TREZOR Wallet.

The team said that most of its effort went into re-developing the entire send transaction interface. In this update, TREZOR has introduced what they call smart fees. Now the send dialogue estimates the network fee based on the past changes of the fee levels over a longer period, instead of only taking the current fees from the mempool. By learning from the fee history, the Wallet can predict better the appropriate fee. Furthermore, now users can sign a transaction without broadcasting it.

Also in the send interface, TREZOR added OP_RETURN and locktime transactions. OP_RETURN allows users to send any arbitrary data into the blockchain, while locktime lets them lock funds until a certain block height.

The TREZOR team stated:

“As always, our Wallet development team has been working hard to deliver a better experience when using your secure wallet, and we are certain that you will notice the improvements immediately once you start using the updated Wallet.”