Bluzelle appoints Ethereum core developer and original creator of Ripple to advisory board

Blockchain-based database provider Bluzelle announced today that they have made further appointments to their advisory board. Alex Leverington, Ryan Fugger, Brian Lio, Matt Chwierut, Antoine Cote, Lionello Lunesu and Dr. Michael Egorov will join the company Board of Advisors.

Alex Leverington is a highly respected engineer who previously worked on the core development of Ethereum from its inception. His deep expertise in decentralized infrastructure and crypto technologies will provide valuable feedback and insight as Bluzelle’s roadmap evolves, and new use cases are explored.

“I am delighted to have the chance to advise the already-impressive Bluzelle team,” commented Leverington. “The infrastructure of peer-to-peer technology has always been important for me and I am fascinated to see how Bluzelle develops its solutions in this vital area.”

Also joining the board is decentralized payments pioneer Ryan Fugger. The original creator and developer of the Ripple Project, Fugger’s vision lives on as part of what is today called RippleNet. Fugger gives the company significant expertise in building decentralized networks.

Brian Lio and Matt Chwierut, co-founders of leading blockchain and crypto financial analyst firm Smith + Crown, also join the board. As analysts and consultants specializing in ICOs, Lio and Chwierut provide invaluable guidance on token economics and structure.

Co-founders of engineering consultancy Enuma Technologies, Antoine Cote and Lionello Lunescu, also join the board. As smart contract development and security audit specialists, they will oversee Bluzelle’s ongoing efforts in these areas.

Finally, encryption specialist Dr. Michael Egorov also joins the board. A former LinkedIn engineer, and current co-founder and CTO of distributed systems encryption company NuCypher, Egorov will advise on the security design of Bluzelle’s protocol.

“Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized databases, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet,” commented Egorov. “I am excited to play a role in the company’s very bright future.”

Existing advisory board members include Brian Fox, CTO of Orchid and creator of GNU Bash; Prashant Mailk, former Facebook engineer and creator of popular database Cassandra; and Gil Penchina, former eBay and angel investor in LinkedIn, PayPal and Ripple.

“We are delighted to welcome the new members of our advisory board to the Bluzelle family,” said CEO and co-founder Pavel Bains.

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