EXMO launching token sale to support adding margin service

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange EXMO has made an official statement regarding their plan to introduce margin loans as a key feature of their platform. The feature would allow EXMO users to earn more on market fluctuations by borrowing extra funds. In order to cover the traders’ demand for margin loans, as well as to enable the overall platform development, EXMO will attract additional investment capital by issuing its very own token called EXMO Coin (EXO).

This will bring trading cryptocurrencies on a bigger scale for users than they would be able to afford with their existing money. If unaccustomed to the traditional stock exchange term, under a margin loan one borrows funds from a broker to buy or sell stock. EXMO will be currently offering 1:2 leverages for a margin loan on the most popular BTC, ETH, and USD order books. More options will come in the future as the demand for the service will increase.

At the core of the upcoming crowdsale is the principle of giving the already profitable platform an additional boost for rapid development. EXMO representatives claim that half of the investment raised through the crowdsale will be used to cover the increasing demand for margin loans, and another quarter will be put into the overall cryptocurrency exchange development. The rest will go into establishing the margin loan insurance fund, acquiring the necessary licensing for simplifying the fiat money transactions and covering marketing expenses.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Ivan Petukhovsky, EXMO co-founder” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”We at EXMO believe that cryptocurrency trading must offer the same variety of investment tools as ordinary trading. We look to the future and would like to foster this development through bringing the virtual and real economies closer, and giving more people opportunities to invest and earn with just a click. Issuing the EXMO Coin will enable us to satisfy the demand of hundreds of thousands of traders, and develop an even more resilient, reliable, and truly global exсhange platform.”[/perfectpullquote]

Token holders will receive 50% of the revenue derived from margin loans distributed among them in the form of dividends on a monthly basis. Following the sale, the EXMO Coin will be traded on the EXMO Exchange in pairs such as EXO/BTC and EXO/ETH, and later on with other currencies and altcoins, thus constituting another lucrative asset for its holder. On top of that, EXMO announced the guaranteed token buyout, outlining the corresponding conditions and dates in their White Paper.

The EXMO Exchange was founded in 2013 and has showcased steady performance ever since. In fact, it saw a trading volume of $192 mln back in 2014, growing to $1.8 bln in 2017, and 591,000 deals in 2014 reaching 24 mln in 2017. Thus, the trading volume and the number of deals made through the platform grew by 9 and 40 times respectively in the course of 3.5 years. The client base swelled by 188% in 2017. This tends to be an essential dynamic to consider, as the value of EXMO Coin will correlate with EXMO’s overall performance, as well as exchange rates of other currencies on the platform.