Blockchain market Lykke to offer prepaid Visa card

Lykke, a Swiss fintech company building a global marketplace on the blockchain has announced the launch of the Lykke Card, a Visa prepaid card that draws directly from the bearer’s Lykke Wallet. Members of the Lykke community may present their Lykke Card anywhere that Visa is accepted, online or offline, to pay for goods and services ranging from coffee and groceries to airfare and vacation packages. The Lykke Card allows converting the funds in the associated Lykke Wallet to the equivalent amount in the local currency.

Through a user referral campaign, anyone with a Lykke Wallet can receive a Lykke Card free of charge, preloaded with a welcome bonus. Those who need a Lykke Wallet may download the wallet app for iOS or Android, complete the easy in-app registration process, and add funds for trading or to use with the card. The Lykke Card also works like a traditional ATM card. Using any Visa ATM anywhere in the world, Lykke cardholders can instantly convert cryptocurrencies to cash.

“It’s already easy to request a bank transfer from our wallet app. But the Lykke Card takes this concept one crucial step further. We aren’t just investors in a global market. We also go shopping and pay our bills. Getting immediate access to our funds, no matter what form they might take, keeps us connected to our micro world, too.”

Igor Rumiantsev, product manager for the Lykke Card

“This means exactly what it implies. Anyone with a Lykke Card can conduct their day-to-day business in LKK, bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to the fiat currencies that are tradeable on our platform.”

Richard Olsen, Lykke founder, and CEO

Lykke has a released the list of eligible countries for the card.

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