BioCoin and RCN combine efforts to assist green businesses worldwide

International blockchain project RCN Network and Russian-based loyalty crypto-platform BioCoin have partnered to lend support to green businesses and farmers worldwide. RCN’s expertise will allow BioCoin to develop a superior framework for lending and borrowing resources within the platform.

BioCoin is an international blockchain-based loyalty platform, created by eco-farming network LavkaLavka. As a combination of cryptocurrency and loyalty platform, BioCoin is designed to support local farmers and organic food retailers and allow them to return value to their communities via a system of rewards and discounts. According to BioCoin’s CEO, this partnership was inevitable once he talked to Ripio team and found out they share the same views on the eco-friendly agricultural paradigm and responsible consumption.

From the very beginning, we have envisioned BioCoin platform as an instrument facilitating small businesses and farmers. Lending support is of course key here. BioCoin’s partnership with Ripio Credit Network will allow users to lend/borrow BIO to support a budding green business. – said Boris Akimov, CEO BioCoin

RCN (previously known as Ripio and BitPagos) is a credit network that aggregates lenders and borrowers from all over the world. Crediting happens with the help of smart contracts and RCN tokens, platform’s native ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency. Each loan is assessed and reinsured by a cosigner (guarantor). Veterans of blockchain-fueled crediting, RCN offered their expertise to BioCoin’s green social project.

“We can definitely help BIO enhance crediting framework for BioCoin platform and use BioCoin as lending capital,” said David Garcia, RCN’s partner, and SVP.