Octoin offers crypto ecosystem referral programs for everyone

The multifunctional platform Octoin, which was launched this September, offers diverse services. Among them are mining, trading, P2P exchange, multi-currency wallet, etc. The goal of the platform is to unite various mining trading services under one roof. Additionally, the adaptability of these complex techniques for users is also an important part of Octoin service

Once you get acquainted with the functionality of the platform you will appreciate multiple efforts the employees and partners put into making cryptocurrency affordable and simple. One of the strongest points of the Octoin platform is that it offers several types of cooperation and here we are getting closer to the referral program Octoin recently announced.

The main idea is to make the cooperation as trustworthy and transparent as possible. The interaction with the platform could be provided according to the seven partnering levels. They are users, assistants, supervisors, managers, leaders, directors, and partners. Depending on how much time and money you are eager to dedicate, you could become one of the mentioned above figures in the management ladder.

On the basic levels, passive investors could have the access to a wide range of investment portfolios and lease mining equipment. The ones who want to become directors or partners receive profitable offers from the platform.

The Octoin project also includes 7 income standards divided into two categories. One is the partner contribution based on the scale of investment. The other is the partner contribution based on the income received. The two main services are taken into consideration: trading and mining.

Basically, the participation in the Octoin referral program makes your input in the success of the platform visible and all your activities, transactions, and mining processes could be easily regulated and monitored. Our users are able to study the latest achievements presented in the newsfeed. They are taught how to analyze and monitor the crypto-currency market, pick up the best transaction strategy.

The Octoin experts are here for the participants of the exchange processes, stating:

“There are various incentives going through the platform activity. For our 7 status partnership, we have a program with the premium gifts for a status change. Users also receive daily bonuses and revenues connected to the level of their contribution.”