CopPay introduces the function of buying cryptocurrency in its payment platform

The possibility to buy cryptocurrency for fiat money will be introduced in the payment platform CopPay. The team stated that its Mexican partners of the CopPay platform showed great interest in such an option and made an order to CopPay. The solution will be implemented in the banking sector of Mexico.

The process of buying cryptocurrency for fiat money will be similar to the process of buying foreign currency. And in the case where the legislation of the country requires, the buyer must be identified to make the transaction.

After completing the identification procedure the user specifies the type and amount of the cryptocurrency he wants to purchase to the bank’s employee. The system generates the amount of fiat currency that a buyer is to pay for the cryptocurrency. It will also be possible to purchase cryptocurrency for a certain amount of fiat money that the buyer has.

“Today the function of buying cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, especially in countries with not ideal conditions for using crypto. We are very pleased to see a growing interest in cryptocurrency from the banking sector. CopPay is glad to receive such proposals. Using our platform in the banking industry will make the process of cryptofying businesses and the whole world much faster, “ says Ina Samovich, CopPay CEO.

It is planned that the solution of buying cryptocurrency for the fiat money will be introduced into the working version of CopPay payment platform at the end of 2017. Then the option will become available to users.

“Simplifying the access to cryptocurrency to ordinary users significantly increases its liquidity. These people can participate in the ICO, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, pay with crypto in the real world. The more holders there are, the sooner we will achieve the goal of creating a world in which it’s possible to live using only cryptocurrency, “ says Vladimir Serzhanovich, CopPay co-founder.

CopPay is a cryptocurrency payment system that operates in the European Union, Belarus and Chile. CopPay users can legally accept payments in cryptocurrency, receiving crypto to their wallets or instantly exchanging it for fiat money and transferring it to the bank account.

The company creates a community of crypto-enthusiasts who are interested in the integration of cryptocurrencies into the economy and daily life.

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