Bitcoin exchange HitBTC launches OTC trading

Today HitBTC has offered a step up for its advanced traders by introducing “over-the-counter” (OTC) markets in partnership with, a service with proven expertise in producing deep liquidity for OTC deals.

Such a partnership between a major exchange and an expert OTC trading company brings together the clienteles of both platforms and opens up broader possibilities for all participants.

“HitBTC is excited to facilitate large-scale transactions for our traders by introducing OTC markets, especially as we are confident about the liquidity provided by our partner Our traders have been anticipating this opportunity and buyers and sellers are already actively setting up deals.”

HitBTC product manager Paul Clarkson

OTC trading exists outside of centralized exchanges, as suggested by the title. Trades are performed directly between the two parties according to the reached agreement. The price of the trade is agreed upon between the buyer and seller and the trade stays off the public order books, not influencing the market value of an asset.

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