Simdaq to launch ICO for crypto trading strategy marketplace

Within the next year, the team of crypto startup Simdaq will launch a token sale and implement a comprehensive platform and marketplace for developing trading strategies on cryptocurrency exchanges. To date, the founders have already invested more than $1 million in the development of the project, which uses the SMQ token as its internal currency. The first stage of the Simdaq project, a trading simulator based on historical data of cryptocurrency prices, will be launched in November 2017.

A comprehensive approach to developing trading strategies, sharing experience and the development of trading bots for retail investors and traders of any level are key features of the project. Prior to Simdaq, only partial solutions for assisting traders in these ways existed. Simdaq takes into consideration the user’s experience and provides various possibilities for beginners and advanced participants for analyzing the cryptocurrency markets, creating and testing trading robots using visualization and historical data, and sharing information and trading signals with each other.

“Retail traders and investors who use cryptocurrency exchanges are the main audience for the platform. According to various estimates, the number of active market participants is between 3 and 6 million. The system may prove valuable to funds that accumulate investors’ capital for investments into crypto assets”

Evgeniy Dubovoy, one of the founders of Simdaq

The main elements of the platform include:

Simdaq allows using historical trading data from various markets for backtesting in order to develop trading skills quickly and without risk and becomes an experienced trader. Moreover, Simdaq makes it possible to develop and test trading strategies in a fast and efficient way.

For training, you can choose a trading instrument, period, speed, volume of capital, leverage, or train using specially prepared demonstration examples. Among the trading instruments, a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens will be available. In the future, traditional tools such as stocks, futures, Forex, etc. will be added. The training process is as close to real trading as possible.

Simdaq also provides users with an environment for development and testing trading robots based on historical data to automate trading strategies. Test results are visualized for the most detailed analysis, and comprehensive statistics are gathered. The decentralized Simdaq Marketplace provides access for reliable and well-tested bots and trading signals that can be used by community members for real trading.

The SMQ token will be accepted by Simdaq as payment for subscriptions and additional services, and as a reward for contributors on the Simdaq Marketplace. Some of the principal ways of using the token include payment for subscriptions to access the simulator and historical data; rewarding content authors on the Simdaq Marketplace; publication and promotion of content on the Simdaq Marketplace; contribution to a prize fund for decentralized tournaments; testing trading robots using historical data; purchasing trading signals.

After the ICO, which is scheduled for December 2017, the SMQ token will be available on crypto exchanges, and its value and liquidity will have a direct correlation with community activity. The ICO price of the token is $0.50. After launching the platform in the first quarter of 2018, the token cost will be $2.50. The maximum number of tokens offered for placement is 25 million. The minimum funding targeted for the development of the project is $0.5 million.


ICO Details

Simdaq was created for the community, so to ensure coverage and improve the stability of system SMQ tokens will be released on dual blockchain – Ethereum and Waves. A wide pool of currencies will be accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, WAVES, BCH, and fiat. Tokens issued on Waves and Ethereum can be exchanged at any time at 1: 1 rate.

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