Users of crypto wallet SpectroCoin can now claim IBAN number

SpectroCoin, a bitcoin and crypto wallet service and Bankera have announced that they have launched the possibility to claim International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for both: individuals and companies. This function is currently available at SpectroCoin and will be coming to Bankera, a blockchain bank service which is an operational fork of SpectroCoin after it completes its ICO.

Having an IBAN will make SpectroCoin accounts function just like any other bank account and but with the added bonus of the other benefits that Spectrocoin provides. IBANs will make dealing with third parties easier; now users will be able to make euro transfers to third parties as well as receive them securely and much faster than before.

It also means users no longer need a regular bank account to link their cryptocurrency and fiat сurrency payments. Crypto or fiat currencies can now both easily be converted into euros and used to pay bills, purchase goods online, or take care of everyday needs with a few clicks straight from a SpectroCoin account. Most importantly, the sender of funds will be the user (not SpectroCoin) which opens countless possibilities.

Who can claim an IBAN at SpectroCoin?

Currently, everyone, except US residents, can claim IBANs. SpectroCoin can issue IBANs to both: individuals and companies.

Which countries support IBANs?

At SpectroCoin users can receive transactions from any country in the Europen Economic Area using IBANs.

More information about IBANs, including a step-by-step guide on how users can claim their own IBAN, can be found in SpectroCoin’s latest blog post.

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