Qtum releases Qt Core wallet v0.14.7

Today blockchain platform Qtum announced the release of Qtum Core v1.1.1. This includes all of the Qtum QRC Token features as the previous release but fixes some confusing behavior. Now, anytime a contract or token sending transaction is created, the sender address will be used as the change address, assuring that the sender address always has a UTXO. Also included in this release is a bug fix for the `-salvagewallet` feature so that it can also salvage token transactions and not just native Qtum transactions.

This is an optional but recommended update if users are interacting with smart contracts or tokens.

Qtum Qt v0.14.7

Additionally, the team has also released the Qtum-Qt Core Wallet (0.14.7) so users can now interact with QRC-20 tokens and smart contracts.

The wallet is easy to use, and there are projects already utilizing its functions. Qtum reminds users to please switch ERC 20 Qtum tokens to the main network tokens immediately via qtum.changelly.com

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