Bankera announces ICO details for its blockchain-based banking service

In September Bankera completed its pre-ICO sale by raising 25 million Euros and is now announcing the details of its long-awaited ICO sale, which will be held on November 27th. Bankera is an operational fork of SpectroCoin, cryptocurrency solution service. SpectroCoin has already developed a core infrastructure comparable to traditional banks, thus a natural extension of it is to leverage the existing technology to build Bankera, a bank for the blockchain era.

Backed by advisors such as Lon Wong, president of the foundation, and Antanas Guoga, member of the European Parliament, Bankera will seek banking licenses in key jurisdictions to be able to operate in a spectrum of different fiat currencies and facilitate cross-border transactions. This will help reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the cost of banking for the end consumer while also offering core banking services such as savings and loans accounts, and low-cost investment products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), crypto funds etc.

Investors and clients can already try out the fiat and cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, payment processing services, debit card solutions or even claim IBANs through Bankera’s MVP, SpectroCoin. However, in order for Bankera to be able to go beyond payment processing and offer banking service, it needs a substantial amount of capital. Bankera has already organized a first fundraising round offering Banker (BNK) tokens for its investor’s acquisition. It was completed in three weeks with the sale of 2.5 billion tokens (worth 25 million Euros), one of the biggest pre-ICO sales to date. The pre-ICO also helped the company to determine the ICO initial token price, which will start at 0.017 EUR per BNK.

On November 27th the company is launching the second fundraising round. During the ICO, 30% of the tokens will be available for sale to the public on the SpectroCoin platform. Investors will have more than 20 payment methods to choose from when purchasing their BNK tokens. These include a variety of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, NEM, DASH; fiat currencies like EUR, GBP, and USD; and many other options.

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