Bitcoin hardware wallet TREZOR introduces new model T

New TREZOR Model T on presale Bitcoin hardware wallet

TREZOR, a company providing a popular brand of bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallets has announced a new “model T” with a limited pre-order starting now. For the stock that will ship in January 2018, there is currently 2378 of 3000 wallets left. That batch is priced at 139 EUR, with the batch coming after to be priced at 149 EUR.

After a year-long development, the TREZOR T runs on an entirely new firmware, written from scratch, dubbed the TREZOR Core, which remains open-source, available for review and adaptation. Additional improvements include an on-device PIN entry, the model T does not need to communicate with a computer before unlocking it.

Along with the same familiar TREZOR web wallet sync, TREZOR T has the following features:

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