Hedge Project’s Buchman Crypto 30 Index integrated on Reuters

Hedge Project has announced successful integration of its Buchman Crypto 30 Index (BC30) with Thomson Reuters. This is the first cryptocurrency index to stream real-time through Reuters Eikon. For those not familiar, the Reuters system is one of top data platforms for market data. Now anyone with access to the Thomson Reuters Eikon software or the Morningstar website can track the movement of 90% of the crypto market in real-time.

Reuters Eikon gives thousands of traders, financial institutions, and banks access to market data prices. The Buchman Crypto 30 Index seeks to represent the overall performance of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies worldwide by market capitalization.

Reuters tracker: BCC30

The Hedge Project team aims to eventually provide exchange-traded fund instruments linked to the Crypto Top 30 index. Doing so would provide easy access for non-crypto savvy people to invest in the asset class utilizing a risk-diversified basket. The Buchman Crypto 30 is only one of the full complement of crypto indices Hedge Token plans to create. Hedge Project’s mission is to supply professionally designed rulebook-based crypto indices.

A rulebook is an objective set of principles, that outline the weightings, rebalancing, index methodology and characteristics of the index, just as investors would find in traditional world-class index baskets akin to S&P, MSCI, iShares and FTSE Global indices. The project finalized its Hedge token (HDG) ICO on October 15th and is available for trading at HitBTC, EtherDelta, and YoBit. The team stated that other notable crypto-exchange integrations are to follow.

Indexes in the works from Hedge include:

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